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April 07 2018

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fightin the system

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March 10 2018

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March 07 2018

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thats right, you got me shakin'
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I want love to, roll me over slowly
Stick a knife inside me and twist it all around
I want love to grab my fingers gently
slam them in a door way, put my face into the ground
I want love to, murder my own Mother
Take her off to somewhere, like hell or up above
I want love to, change my friends to enemies
Change my friends to enemies and show me, how it’s all my fault
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Przestań pieprzyć. Jak mężczyzna kocha kobietę, to o nią walczy. Dostojewski to napisał.
— Głowacki, Czwarta siostra
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February 28 2018

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February 27 2018

February 23 2018

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Mostar, Bosnia, September 1992, Bosnian soldier plays the piano in the destroyed music classroom

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